POSTPONED: 3dm Discipleship and Mission Workshop 

Hobart City Church of Christ, Hobart, Tasmania


Every church needs to be able to answer two questions. First, what is our plan for making disciples? And second, does our plan work? - Dallas Willard

Churches and leaders across a wide spread of denominations throughout the Western world are grappling with these challenging questions, posed by the late Dallas Willard.

A growing number of church communities here in Tasmania have been seeing transformation and real fruit in their efforts in following Jesus' great commission to go and make disciples. People are becoming followers of Jesus, existing Christians are stepping up as missional leaders, and new communities are being planted with a clear vision for mission and discipleship.

More church leaders are wanting to find how they can change the culture of their church, so that discipleship and mission once again are at the very centre of everything that they do.

Our 3dm team, comprising church leaders and practitioners from across Australia, are excited about coming alongside you and your leadership team, to help you reimagine and refine the culture of your church to do just that - to go into all the world and make disciples who multiply.

This one day workshop in discipleship and mission will give you an introduction to some practical, proven and biblical tools such as Huddles (a discipleship vehicle) and Missional Communities (a missional vehicle) which can help you build a disciple-making culture in your local church.  

We will explain how Huddles work and give you the opportuntiy to experience or observe a huddle in practice. There will also be opportunity to learn some key principles that shape healthy Missional Communities. With social time built in, it is also a great opportunity to network and build relationships with a broad range of people across Tasmania. 

Finally, you will also gain an idea of how you and your leadership team can partner with the growing network of churches who are using these tools to see real kingdom transformation of individuals and communities.

"If you make disciples, you will always get the church. But if you try to build the church, you will rarely get disciples." Mike Breen.  



Third Place Communities connected with the 3dm team a few years ago and have been transformed by the wisdom, guidance and inspiration that we received. 

We learnt about what it means to develop a discipling culture. We were encouraged to start an 'experimental' discipleship Huddle, which has now multiplied into five healthy groups. We've seen lives transformed, with new faith stories emerging each month (including amongst our kids). We're also seen our people express a passion for Jesus and obedience to faithful living, in a way that we haven't seen for years. 

Our story is not unique. It seems to be common whenever reproducible disciple-making is returned to the centre of all we do, no matter the context. Yet that's exactly why it's worth hooking up with 3dm!

Daniel Sih, Third Place Communities, Hobart

Our communities need every Christian man, woman , boy and girl to live out their calling as disciples of Christ as individuals and together as a local expression of church.

In order to rise to this call to public discipleship and Christian citizenship, support, training and Biblical nurture are all essential. I commend the programs of 3DM in Tasmania in their attempt to resource the church.

- Bishop John Harrower (Former Anglican Bishop of Tasmania) 


We introduced 3dm about a year ago to our college, so we are still pretty new. That said, we already have seen some pretty cool things happen, especially amongst the staff. It really has given new vigour to listen to Jesus and to follow through, and this has a direct impact on how we are running Worldview. The coaching we received was in many ways key to the redevelopment of our program. At Worldview we train missionaries, who by definition are “disciple makers,” which means students and staff need to be disciples first and then know how to make disciples. In 3dm we have found a transferable and adaptable method of doing both these things, and that is something many other systems do not offer.

- Dr Christoph Ochs, Academic Dean, Worldview Centre for Intercultural Studies