Community of Practice - Building a Discipling Culture

Thursday May 18th - Saturday May 20th 2017 

Launceston, tasmania

Thoughts from Andy...

It's been a fantastic two year journeying through the first Tasmania Learning Community. We've seen incredible breakthrough, and we're so thankful for the work that we have seen God do in the last two years. But the journey isn't over! Two years feels like a long time, but it's only a fraction of the time that it takes to change culture develop missional leaders, and catalyse movements of missional discipleship in our churches and across our state. 

So, with all this in mind, we're inviting you to continue the journey with us as we launch our first Tasmania Community of Practice. The Community of Practice will run in six-monthly gatherings, for the next two years. There will be some teaching input, some processing time, and new emphasis on sharing stories and discussion what has worked in your context and what hasn't. We're excited to embrace a new season together as practitioners of missional discipleship. As always, the workshop will be an opportunity for you to share focussed prayer and planning time with your team for the next six months. 

We're committed to become a network of leaders, develop friendships and stand shoulder to should with each other across the state. So we'll also be making more space for relationship, community, and fun. Our times of eating together and hanging out accross the event will be as much a part of the gathering as anything else. 


Where Is The Community of Practice Going To Be Located? 

The Learning Community will be held at the Worldview Centre for Intercultural Studies, 41 Station Road, St Leonards. 

How much will the Community of Practice Cost? 

The Community of Practice will be most effective if your church brings a team of between three and seven leaders who can participate fully in the process. We have worked to reduce the costs of the Community of Practice to make it as financially accessible as possible. The new pricing structure represents a one-off payment, per participant, per immersion. Coaching Huddles will be invoiced for separately.

The cost per participant, per immersion, is $190. This includes all catering, excluding breakfast on Friday and Saturday.  

Where can I find out more? 



Further information about Learning Communities can be found from this link to a pdf leaflet and at Two videos (prepared for a specific Learning Community Taster Day in Liverpool UK) which give a bit of testimony about the Learning Community process and can be found here.

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