Maybe God Knows What He's Doing...

If I had been a Jewish believer 2013 years ago, I reckon I would have been pretty unimpressed with Jesus.  I mean, given all the mess that the world is in, the corruption, the abuse, the immorality, the politics, surely God could have done a bit better than this? 

A baby, born in the sleepy backwater of Nazareth, the son of a carpenter, who grew up to become a carpenter?!  Was this the best plan God could come up with?  Surely he’d have been better off sending a crack troop of elite soldiers to kick out the Romans, stamp out corruption, destroy some pagans and whip these immoral politicians into shape? Perhaps even some smiting would have been in order

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Worth a Read...

A few articles caught my attention over the last few days - they’re worth a read:

Archbishop Issues Call for Church Revolution

Justin Welby, the new Archbishop of Canterbury, used his first address to the General Synod in the UK, to call for revolutions within the church. Read it here.

A new Archbishop.. and a new Pope...

The Spectator Magazine considers what they have in common... An interesting perspective here...

Electing a new Archbishop

Meanwhile, in Sydney, elections for a new Archbishop are drawing near. Interesting article on this in the Sydney Morning Herald a couple of days ago. Read it here.


Lausanne Global Leaders' Forum

“The Whole Church, Taking the whole Gospel, to the Whole World” - This is the aim of the global Lausanne Movement, which takes it’s name from a unique gathering of over 2,700 Christian leaders from over 150 nations in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1974.  Over the last decade the Lausanne Movement has enjoyed something of a resurgence, not least through with the second global Younger Leaders Gathering in 2006 in Malaysia, and with the Cape Town 2010 congress - described as the youngest, most ethnically diverse, and geographically varied gathering of evangelical Christian leaders ever.

I recently had the opportunity to travel to Bangalore, India, with over 300 leaders from around the world, to attend the 2013 Lausanne Global Leaders Forum.  This trip made a great impression on me, and has encouraged me greatly, especially as I reflect on the change, renewed health and momentum of the Lausanne Movement over the last ten years.  Here a few thoughts and reflections following this latest engagement with Lausanne.

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