Worth a Read...

A few articles caught my attention over the last few days - they’re worth a read:

Archbishop Issues Call for Church Revolution

Justin Welby, the new Archbishop of Canterbury, used his first address to the General Synod in the UK, to call for revolutions within the church. Read it here.

A new Archbishop.. and a new Pope...

The Spectator Magazine considers what they have in common... An interesting perspective here...

Electing a new Archbishop

Meanwhile, in Sydney, elections for a new Archbishop are drawing near. Interesting article on this in the Sydney Morning Herald a couple of days ago. Read it here.


hope is kindled

There is a brilliant scene in Lord of The Rings which has spoken to me again in the last week.  The scene is from the third movie, where Gondor is under siege and it looks as if the battle is lost.  But there exists a network of beacons, permanently manned, with wood and fuel on hand, established long ago, and if these beacons can be lit, Gondor can signal for help from Rohan. God speaks to me through this clip every time I see it.  In the midst of darkness and desperation, the bravery of the clumsy, seemingly insignificant hobbit, Pippin, means that the beacon of Minas Tirith is lit - and the next beacon, and the next, and the next.  Across the peaks of the mountains, beacons are lit, resulting ultimately in the call for help being received and responded to by the King of Rohan.

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do whatever he tells you - part 2

Here is a great video I stumbled across on the weekend.  It made a real impression on me - and illustrates so much of what John is pointing towards in his account of Jesus turning water into wine:It's a new world.  There is a new reality.  The Kingdom of God is at hand.  Do whatever he tells you.

Johnny Cash is a great example of redemption - of the ways in which a broken, damaged, messed up and very lost human being can be totally changed and transformed through encountering Jesus - and of the ways God can then use such a person to be salt and light and a witness to others in equally dark places (e.g. in San Quentin prison, California), ....  Take a look!