Maybe God Knows What He's Doing...

If I had been a Jewish believer 2013 years ago, I reckon I would have been pretty unimpressed with Jesus.  I mean, given all the mess that the world is in, the corruption, the abuse, the immorality, the politics, surely God could have done a bit better than this? 

A baby, born in the sleepy backwater of Nazareth, the son of a carpenter, who grew up to become a carpenter?!  Was this the best plan God could come up with?  Surely he’d have been better off sending a crack troop of elite soldiers to kick out the Romans, stamp out corruption, destroy some pagans and whip these immoral politicians into shape? Perhaps even some smiting would have been in order

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fans or followers?

I'm still enjoying plodding slowly through John's Gospel with our people at Barney's. This last Sunday we thought about the way in which Jesus called some regular guys, fishermen mosty, to leave the way of life they had always known, and follow him. You can read the story in John 1:35-50.

What Jesus did We thought firstly about what Jesus did, and said. I was struck by the clear description John gives of Jesus 'seeing' the guys. Andrew and his companion were 'seen' by Jesus, before he spoke to them. Even more clearly, Jesus tells Nathanael that he had seen him previously, while he was sitting under the tree.

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