do whatever he tells you… - part 1

These words, "Do whatever he tells you…" were the stand out words for me yesterday, as we continued our journey through John's Gospel in our community at Barney's. After about five weeks in John chapter one, we finally made it into chapter two! We were considering John 2:1-12, where Jesus turns water into wine. It's a well known passage, but as is (almost) always the case, each time we go to scripture God highlights something new.

For me, one such thing was these words of Mary's (John 2:5) - "Do whatever he tells you…". The scene, familiar I'm sure, is that Jesus, Mary, and some of Jesus' disciples have been invited to a wedding in Cana - a small village just north of Nazareth. Weddings in Jesus' day tended to happen over a few days, rather than the few hours we are more used to in Western cultures.

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