Get Involved

So, once you've read the website, how do you join in? Here are some ideas for how to become more a part of Barney's:


Coming along regularly and being part of our family gatherings at 10.0am on Sunday mornings is really important.  As we worship together, pray together, listen to God’s word together, and drink coffee together (!), God really does meet with us and speak to us, and help us grow together as his missionary people. We don't expect people to get really involved straight away, so take some time to get to know people, and discern if this is where God wants you to be.

Be Family

It’s hard to feel part of a family if we only spend time together once a week.  Why not invite other people from Barney’s round for some food?  Why not arrange to have a coffee with someone during the week - or meet up with someone else during your lunch break!?

Bless and Serve Others

We are called to be God’s missionary people - seeing lives transformed - but who in particular are you called to bless?  Which group of people is God is calling you to show his love to?  Who else do you know who is called to reach the same kinds of people? 

Take some time to pray and ask God to speak to you about this. It may be that there are others already seeking to bless and serve those people through one of our Missional Communities. Have a look at the information about these and see if God is asking you to join in.

Alternatively, if you’ve prayed about serving one of the existing Missional Communities, but actually you sense that God is calling you to bless and serve a different network of people, or a particular neighbourhood, we’d love to hear from you. If this is the case, please chat to one of the leadership team and they will help you think it through some more.

Give Generously

Lastly, a really important way of following Jesus, and being part of our family is to give generously (i.e. around tenth of your income) to the church.