imaginations Missional community

Imaginations is an on campus life group which engages in open and light-hearted discussions about the Bible. Understanding that faith and values are at the core of everyone, as a bible fellowship we encourage people to grapple with the hard questions of life; Who am I? What do I stand for? How can I have faith? How can I believe in a good God when there’s so much evil in the world? Is there more to life? What is my purpose in life? Through open and honest discussions, we begin to gain different perspectives of what it means to be in community. Our heart is to be building a community for students to identify and strengthen a personal relationship with Christ through his word. We aim to help all members develop a strong identity in Christ and to be an organic, 'oikos' environment where people can openly and respectfully discuss matters of the heart.

We meet on the UTAS Launceston campus every Wednesday from 6.30pm for a thanksgiving and prayer session, and from 7pm for Imaginations in the Student Centre, L1, in room Y-204.

To connect and stay updated, check out our Facebook page here.