24-7 Prayer at Barney's


This year, in the run up to Easter, we are going to do something a little bit different. All through the week leading up to Easter Sunday, we’re going to have the old church open as a prayer room for people to come and pray.

Inspired by the Moravian church of the 18th century, we’re aiming (!) to pray non-stop for a week. Why not sign-up for a one hour slot, any time you like day or night (!) and commit to spending that hour in the prayer room.


Pray!? Why bother? Well, Christians are in the amazing position of having a relationship with God, who made the whole world. We get to talk to him, and we get to listen to him. Of course, it’s not always easy to hear someone speaking when there’s lots of noise around us - so stepping aside and taking some time out just to pray can be a really great experience.


And not just a really great experience for an hour - lots of Christians have had their lives totally transformed by getting into the habit of regularly carving out chunks of time to sit in God’s presence. Whether you’re already in that habit or not, it is exciting, and life-changing.

As people who are in a relationship with God, we get to bring our requests, needs, ideas, worries, thoughts, concerns and passions before God when we pray. God, please heal my sister. God, what is going on with our government? Jesus, what should I do with my life? Lord God, please will you comfort my friend because they’re really sad at the moment. Jesus, can I do anything to help make the world a fairer place?

You name it, God is interested. And he promise to listen and respond to our prayers.

Ok! But an HOUR?

Chances are you don’t spend hours of time praying. Most of us don’t. So what on earth am I supposed to do with an HOUR? Just repeat the Lord’s prayer one hundred times?

Well, no-one ever said the only way to pray is to sit still, with our eyes closed and our hands together... Well, maybe our parents did, but it’s not quite true!! We can pray standing up, sitting down, lying down, walking around. We can pray with our eyes open or closed - same with our mouths... and our hands.

We can pray by speaking, or listening; or writing down prayers, or painting on the wall. We can sing songs of worship or listen to them. We can pray alone, or with a few friends. We can ask God to speak and then get stuck into a good book about following Jesus... or Gandalf, or Aslan!!! We can read pages of the bible, or chew over one verse for ages.

So what do I pray?

We can pray for our family, our friends, our neighbours, or people we’ve never met on the other side of the world; people who are sick, people we care about, people who are suffering and people who don’t know Jesus.


We can pray for the nations, the world’s leaders and the leaders of our own country and state. We can pray for powerful people, and people with no power at all.

We can pray for our city, for the churches, for unity between God’s people. We can listen to God’s will for our churches, and our city. We can pray for families, and children, for schools and hospitals. We can pray for the elderly and for our young people.

And suddenly, our hour’s up.... And we want to sign up for another!

Who can come!

If you can read these words, you can come!! You don’t have to be part of Barney’s or The Imagine Network. We are only a small group of people, but God has a funny habit of doing amazing, unimaginable things through small, seemingly insignificant groups of people.

We really hope Christians from all kinds of backgrounds and networks will join in. And you’re welcome even if you don’t know whether you’re a Christian or not. Just come and have a look, read a few prayers on the wall and just take some time out.

Well, ok then...


Brilliant. You’re up for giving it a go! The easiest thing to do is to click here and sign-up online. Choose a spot that no-one has signed up for yet and fill in your name. Done! No all you need to do is turn up to pray at your time. (Click here if you’re not sure where Barney’s is!).

If it’s easier for you, you can also just give us a call on 6311 1786 and leave a message saying your name, phone number, and when you’d like to pray. We’ll get back to you and confirm!

And if you’ve got any questions or comments, just get in touch!

Click here to sign-up to pray!

About 24-7 Prayer

24-7 prayer is a world-wide movement of Christians praying 24-7. We’re joining in for a week. To find out more about 24-7 prayer visit their website and check out these videos:

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