Appeal for the people of Vanuatu and Myanmar

The Anglican Board of Mission (ABM) has launched an Emergency Appeal for the people of Vanuatu and also for Myanmar.

Vanuatu has seen approximately 8,000 people evacuated due to flying rocks and volcanic gas as the volcano on the Island of Ambae erupts.  ABM has earmarked $10,000 in order to provide emergency relief for those affected.

In Myanmar, 430,000 people have fled Rakhine State into neighbouring Bangladesh in search of safety as an outbreak of violence follows decades of ethnic tensions.  ABM is aiming to raise $20,000 in support of All Churches Together (ACT) Alliance’s emergency relief efforts to assist the many Rohinya refugees fleeing from the increasingly violent situation in Myanmar.

Please prayerfully consider supporting these causes. More information is available on the ABM website at and