News from Michael Kyalo

Michael was a part of our Barney’s community for a few years while studying at the AMC. He is now serving another tour with the Logos Hope ship, with Operation Mobilisation. He sends this update from onboard:

The Logos Hope is a missionary ship that visits port cities around the world. OM's goal through this ministry is to share knowledge, help and hope. We do this by supplying vital literature resources, encouraging cross-cultural understanding, training young people for more effective life and service, providing needed relief, and sharing a message of hope in God wherever there is opportunity. In late August I traveled to Panama to join the Logos Hope as a 3rd Engineer. 

The crew of the Logos Hope taking part in training

The crew of the Logos Hope taking part in training

As a 3rd Engineer I have responsibilities such as looking after mechanical devices as well as working in the engine room with other engineering crew. I also participate in the book fair we run on board at each port which is a great place to connect with local people

One of my highlights has been connecting with an elderly lady that came to the book fair. She was disappointed that her husband couldn't attend due to a knee operation so I offered to organise a group of us to go and visit her family. They lived 80km out of town and we got lost a few times but upon arriving her neighbours came over and we had a great time together praying for them and talking.  Some great breakthroughs were made that day!

The environment on the ship is amazing with time set aside for community devotion and department devotions each morning and evening and community events such as prayer and worship nights. There are lots of opportunities to  hear God's word and listen to what God is saying. I'm finding this very valuable. I feel I am being recharged and becoming more sensitive to God.

Please pray for:

  • continued good connections with  crew members and people who come through the book fair.

  • The health of the crew. Being a enclosed community illness can spread easily.

  • The people who have attended the book fair and those that have had follow up visits. Particularly the family I visited

  • The provision of crew, especially engineers.

Finally I ask that God Bless all of you at Barneys and your families. That He encourage you and strengthen you and draws you closer to Him each day.

More information about the Logos Hope can be found at