Barney’s English Language Cafe

The English Language Cafe at Barney’s has been up and running since the new year and is in full swing! There are two cafes operating; on Monday evenings and Wednesday afternoons and both are going well. We are welcoming people from many different nations including China, South Korea, Vietnam, Iran, Bhutan and Nepal, to name but a few! One of the team writes...

I am involved in the Monday evening group and have really enjoyed getting to know some of the many international people. There is a growing sense of community among the group and it is evident that those who come along enjoy not only practising their English but also getting to know people, being made welcome and belonging. We have been trying to increase this sense of community by organising other fun activities that people can join in with such as fishing, beach trips and lasertag.

Last Saturday we celebrated Christmas in July with the English Language Cafe. Barney’s looked very festive with Christmas trees, lights and wreaths, and everyone brought something delicious to eat. We played some games, sang some Christmas songs, and were able to share with all those there the story of Christmas. Everyone enjoyed themselves and thought it was a great idea!

I have been really encouraged by the relationships that are being built with international people and the welcoming atmosphere at the cafe. As well as this, the volunteers themselves are becoming a community together as we meet monthly to pray and worship and encourage one another. This is really important if we are to keep motivated and keep remembering why we are doing this.

Here are some photos of what we get up to at the cafe.