Peace Wise conflict resolution training

Have you ever wanted to learn how to respond to conflict in a biblical way and be someone who makes peace rather than fakes it or breaks it? The peacemaking courses facilitated by Peace Wise will equip you with a simple framework for understanding and dealing with conflict and insight in biblical foundations of peace and reconciliation.

There are two different levels of training; Everyday Peacemaking is suitable for all Christians as we work together to promote peacemaking in our own lives, families, workplaces, churches and communities. The Heart of Peacemaking is for those who seek to be more deeply equipped, to explore the concept of a culture of peace and how you can support it in your community/spheres of influence.

Everyday Peacemaking will be on Saturday 23rd September from 9.30-4.30

The Heart of Peacemaking will be on Monday 25th September from 9.30-4.30

Both will be held at Punchbowl Christian Centre. 

For registrations and flyer, please click here.