Global Challenge Conference

Worldview Centre for Intercultural Studies, together with CMS and WEC international present the Global Challenge Conference in August.

The main speaker for this year is Jeff King of WEC Australia. Jeff has been serving in Mongolia since 2005 where he lived in the Mongolian countryside doing outreach to nomads for several years before moving to Mongolia’s capital to take on a leadership role. In recent times he returned to Australia together with his wife, Jargal and three children to take a role at Worldview Centre for Intercultural Studies (WEC’s missionary training college).

During the conference there will also be opportunities to hear from others who have experience working on the mission field. Elective speakers include Michelle Kallmier (WEC Australia), Chris Laney (WEC Australia – recently returned from Turkey) and Kevin Keegan (National Director of FEBC).

There will also be a missions expo display from anywhere up to 20 mission related organisations. We encourage people to visit the stands during the break times as this presents a great opportunity to meet the various representatives and learn more about what God is doing through their organisations.   

Registration is essential. Please click here for more details on the flyer.